Seeing Golden ripe rice field with Sapa Train ticket on September 2nd

From September to December, the annual rice harvest begins in Sapa. Association with unique cultural values of minority people, beautiful landscapes of nature, terraced rice fields contribute for impressive of Sapa mountainous area. Let’s look down some following info about Sapa Train ticket to get to this beautiful land as soon as possible

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1. What should we bring to the train?

-This is one of the most important things, rememeber to take Train ticket to Sapa beside you for checking. |Be sure that your Sapa train ticket is not damaged or being losed.

-Before get in the train, you should buy some medicine for travel sickness. Buying some green medicine oil or pills is necessary for long day trip.

Access  to look for best price of train ticket to Sapa

Access  to look for best price of train ticket to Sapa

-Wearing socks when you’re in air-conditioned carbin. It’s absolutely cold at night that makes you hard to fall asleep

-Wearing long pants helps you warm at night. Bring your jacket and a scarf,  you can use it as a small pillow or blanket. Bring some fruit, dinks and tissue in long day trip là nhà cung cấp vé tàu đi sapa 2/9 nhanh chóng - chuyên nghiệp là nhà cung cấp vé tàu đi sapa 2/9 nhanh chóng - chuyên nghiệp

2. Should we sit near window?

Some people think that sitting near the windows is not a good idea since you may feel cold and the luggage might be stolen from the outside people. So, if you dont worry about these, let’s sit there and enjoy the gorgious lanscape.

Do nou reach your hand or legs ouside the window because it is really dangerous.

2. Price ticket of some destinations in Sapa

(Updated from 02/2012)


Price/ person

Ham Rong mountain


Cat Cat village


Sin Chai village


Lao Chai-Ta Van- Ban Ho village


Ma Tra-Ta Phin village


Silver Waterfall


Fan Si Pan

150.000VND (excluding insurance and fees)

Love Waterfall


Wish you have a great trip with Sapa train ticket!

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