Food worriment while buying train ticket to Sapa

Currently, buying train ticket to Sapa is not included meals as before. It is still fine with short way traveling, however, it become a problem when you have to move in a long trip

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1. Is buying train ticket to Sapa included meals?

Cheap ticket is not included meals in the train. How can you buy food in a long trip?

Many people think that there must be delicious food services in the train, therefore they do not need to bring any food.This is right if you’re in other countries, in Vietnam, they normally serve you instant food like noodles, snake, milk, soy milk, soup..

Buying train ticket to Sapa in, best services are waiting for you

Buying train ticket to Sapa in, best services are waiting for you

- In dining hour, the trolley will walk along the train and you can buy food here. The food is fairly cold, not delicious and unconfortable narrow eating places,   ( if you sit in hard seats). When buying train ticket to Sapa, you should asked clearly about what kind of food would be served in the train.

- If you want to have more choice of food and bigger place to eat,canteen is the best place for you. There are many kind of food and drinks, snack… enjoying the cool air from air conditioners while eating. Female should not go to canteen alone because there might be drunk guys or snoring sleeping train’s staffs.

Buying train ticket to Sapa- you can ask clearly about the train’s services

Buying train ticket to Sapa- you can ask clearly about the train’s services

-Along the trip, the train will stop at some Gas Stations. You can find some food for yoursefl here. However ,in order not to miss the train while buying food, you should only buy food in big station ( train’s stopping time is longer here). Be careful with the peddlers’ souvernirs, food and drinks

-Bring yoursefl some food while travel by train. Its a the best way in short trip. Please be noted that Ha noi-Lao Cai-Ha noi train will not serve food in the train. You should bring food or eating before buying train ticket to Sapa

The drinks, coffee, snake.. is not too expensive in the train. In main dining hours,you can buy meals or soup from the sellers

Normally, there will be a staff who sells eating ticket, 30.000 vnd for 1 packet. In case you don’t want to buy water there, you should bring some to the train. Save water, take paper roll with you while do the toilet.

In brief, consider carefully when you buy food from wherever, check expiry, quality of the food by eyes. Besides, should ask about the price before buying. You should buy popular brand food and drinks

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