how much for train ticket to Sapa?

Traveling to Sapa by rail is romantic and something that many travelers consider for their first adventure to Vietnam. And how much for train ticket to Sapa is an important question? Read on for some handy tips learned from personal experience. Your Sapa rail adventure awaits!

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-You should get to the station 20 minutes before departure time, handing over your tickets while pass by the checking door, receive the tickets which is already stamped by the officals and keep it during the journey to Sapa. Otherwise when a conductor asking to see your ticket, you may getting kicked off the train to buy another or buy immediately with double price than normal.

how much for train ticket to Sapa in

how much for train ticket to Sapa in

-Booing train ticket earlier helps save money and good seats. You might miss your trip and having uncomfortable seats if booking late. While train stops at the station, you should shut the windows and stick your eyes to the luggages in case it might be stole . In some regions, the naughty kids throw stone to the passengers in the train, so be careful by closing the door.

-Light luggages is suitable for movement and keep it beside you. Put some important things with you and keep the rest under the bed.

What is the exactly price for the ticket to Sapa?

What is the exactly price for the ticket to Sapa?

-Wearing comfortable clothes to sleep. Besides, bring a scarf is great idea for you, it can keep you warm and becomes a pillow or blanket as needed. And you will have greats pictures with this scarf.

-You will need tissue especially for female. Drinking water is necessary. It’s really cold so you should take a thick blanket and a coat.

Call 0906.80.90.95 - 0989.66.12.64 now to get the best price

Call 0906.80.90.95 - 0989.66.12.64 now to get the best price

-If the toilet is out of water or too dirty, you can use toilets in other compartment. The toilets in high class compartment is often clean. The toilets will be closed whenever the train get to the station, you can use the toilets there.

- If there’s something wrong with the seats, dont hesitate to inform the staffs in the train. In order to have a good sleep, you should wear soft, comfortable clothes and eyes patch.  Furthermore, there are plugs is arranged under the seats on each compartment , you can charge the phone when having long trips.

Bây giờ bạn đã biết vé tàu đi sapa bao nhiêu tiền là hợp lý

Bây giờ bạn đã biết vé tàu đi sapa bao nhiêu tiền là hợp lý

Booking your rail tickets online saves time, and if done far enough in advance, can save you money. The booking procedure is absolutely simples and fast. All you need to do is following the booing guide.

Of course, for those who prefer an easy option, some third-party websites are helpful in giving you clear info and sorting complicated routes. is one of the best place for you to buy cheap ticket.

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