How to booking Sapa ticket?

The beautiful clouds cover Sapa town all seasons is the ideal of many internanational award-winning pictures. Booking Sapa ticket today to see the rice terraces set amid the swirling clouds around the Vietnamese hill station of Sapa. On the left, Hồ town is just like the reflection of the red sunset.

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I. How to book Sapa train ticket

There are many ways to book Sapa train ticket, however you should take note some advises before booking.

1.Buying directly train ticket at train station.

2.You will get cheaper price if booking Sapa train ticket at travel agency.

3. Booking from “broker”. This is the riskest way, you might not only lose money but also lose your ticket. The brokers can give you fake tickets so you should not buy from them.

You should not buying Sapa train ticket from “broker”

You should not buying Sapa train ticket from “broker”

4. 2016 is the year of booking Sapa train ticket online. By booking Sapa train ticke online, you will be advised carefully about many aspects, having  opportunity to choose the best suppliers, your time will be saving. is now expanding its “ Booking Sapa trian ticket online” services to fit the demand of our beloved customers. Check the list of trains ,click “ Booking now” button and the tickets is in your hands! is the reputable place to booking Sapa train tickets is the reputable place to booking Sapa train tickets

II. The stop of train in each station

-In case your luggage might be stolen because of people go up and down in each stop station, do not sleep too deep.

-Be careful with pedders’ souvernir, food and drinks. You should buy popular brandname food and drink within the expiry date.

- Do not use too much time to buy special here because you may miss the train. Let booking Sapa ticket with big trains, you will have more stoping time at each station

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