Which Sapa sleepers car should we choose?

Sapa is just like a beautiful young lady who sleeps deeply in the early morning, closes her eyers under the gorgious sunshine. The town of Sapa lies at an altitude of about 2000 m, it takes about 10 minutes to get there from the center, bringing to you a perpect view point while you’re in Sapa sleeper cars, enjoying the fresh air of majestic Northern mountains

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1. Should we choose Sapa sleeper cars?

There are two kinds of Sapa sleeper cars: soft beds and hard beds

-Soft bed Sapa sleeper cars: Usually, 1 room includes 4 beds and 2 floors, each floor is equiped with thick mattress. The toilet is clear because almost travellers is polite

-Hard beds Sapa sleeper cars: Usually, there are 3 floors, The price of 1st floor is higher than 2nd floor> 3rd floor. There might be air-conditioners or not. 1 cabin include 6 beds with thin confortable mattress

Which Sapa sleepers car should we choose?

Which Sapa sleepers car should we choose?

Between those above 2 types of bed, travellers prefer hard beds because of its cheap price and acceptable quality.

2. What about soft seats/hard seats?

-Soft seats: similar with coach’s seats, while you could sit against the soft chairs it’s more comfortable than hard seats . Depends on what types of tickets, there will be air-conditioners or not

-Hard seats: cheap ticket, made by wood and the chairs is too hard, full of sleeping and sitting people. They can’t stand with the uncomfortable feeling while sitting in these hard seats for a long time, so they will bring rain coats or screening to lie down. If you have to travel for 2 days or more, it is better if you choose Sapa sleeper cars.

Now you got the best advises about the Sapa sleeper cars

Now you got the best advises about the Sapa sleeper cars

In brief, there are 2 ways to travel to Sapa, you can get air-conditioning soft seats or sleepers cars. Although tickets for Sapa sleeper cars are a little bit higher than hard seat ticket, you will not worry about the weariness after traveling so that your health is good enough to hang around next day. You should not saving money by buying hard seats, because for whose health is not well, it will hurt your back, difficult to sleep and waste time for recovering the strength.

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